THIS IS A 9 MONTH FACULTY CONTRACT. COMPENSATION IS ISSUED OVER A 12 MONTH PERIOD. (Summer classes are paid on a per credit hour basis and not part of the 9-month contract.

The instructor is a member of a nursing faculty team, providing clinical instruction leading to a Certificate of Completion in Practical Nursing and Associate Degree in Nursing. Provide initial advisement to students as well as supervision of clinical experiences of students. Duties are performed in the context of a comprehensive community college; understanding of the community college mission and philosophy will be critical to success.


  • Nursing faculty will be required to teach didactic courses as well as clinical rotations as assigned.
  • May include day, evening, online, and interactive television courses.
  • The instructor may teach additional courses, including courses for area high school students as part of the contract or on an overload basis, by agreement with the Division Chair and Executive Vice President.
  • Consult with students during office hours and participate in orientation, registration, committees, councils, in-service, student advisement, and professional development activities.
  • In collaboration with other members of the division, determine course content and curricula.
  • Participate in college-wide studies and projects, providing information as requested.
  • Demonstrate or actively work to attain proficiency with such technologies as may be useful in instruction.
  • Develop academic improvement activities to serve at-risk students.
  • Supervise student clinical rotations and evaluate student performance.
  • Participate with other members of the nursing faculty in evaluation of students.
  •  Deliver well-prepared, organized, and clear lectures and activities tailored for both in-person and online formats, aiming to facilitate student mastery of the course learning outcomes.
  • Develop and submit course syllabi for all assigned courses, ensuring inclusion of all required components and tailored to the instructional modality utilized (online or face-to-face).
  • Collaborate with department members and the Division Chair to develop and revise curriculum, select textbooks and equipment, create instructional materials, and ensure cohesive and uniform student assessment practices.
  •  Establish and maintain an effective learning environment across assigned courses, adapting to diverse modalities including face-to-face, hybrid, asynchronous and synchronous online, as well as dual credit and Early College High School instruction contexts.
  • Utilizing course assessment practices, assess and communicate student proficiency in achieving course learning outcomes. Document findings in formal assessment reports as directed by the Assessment Council and the Executive Vice President.
  • Utilize technology, including but not limited to Canvas, Starfish, MS Office, and the Internet, for classroom, studio, and laboratory instruction. Provide students with timely and accurate information and feedback regarding their academic progress, using assessments such as quizzes, tests, homework, and projects.
  • Throughout each contracted academic semester, maintain a daily on-campus presence from Monday to Thursday and ensure a minimum of 5 in-person office hours per week to assist students with questions, tutoring, and instructional clarification. Schedule office hours based on student requirements rather than faculty convenience.
  • Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and understanding of all college policies and procedures.
  •  Perform all faculty responsibilities, encompassing teaching, faculty service, participation in in-services, evaluating student academic achievement, participating in professional development activities, and contributing to orientations, committees, councils, and other assigned duties.
  • Full-time faculty positions at Clovis Community College require a physical presence on campus to fulfill teaching duties, conduct office hours, and fulfill other college-related responsibilities, as they are not fully remote.

ADDITIONAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include but are not limited to:

Perform additional duties as assigned.


Requires frequent and continuous sitting/moving about, continuous use of fine motor skills, and pushing and pulling of up to 20 lbs. Must be able to actively supervise multiple students in the clinical setting for multiple nine-hour clinical days per week.


Hours vary based on course requirements. Occasional evening and weekend hours may be required.


  • The successful applicant will be a licensed Registered Nurse with two years recent professional experience as an RN.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is required. A candidate employed without the Master of Science in Nursing degree will be required to demonstrate progress toward attainment of the degree, as arranged with the Department Chair and Executive Vice President.
  • Strong commitment to quality teaching, student success, and academic excellence is required.


  • A Master of Science in Nursing degree is preferred.
  • Teaching experience in a community college or technical school is preferred.
  • College-level teaching experience in Chemistry is preferred.


Applications and all required supporting documentation must be submitted through CCC’s online application system. Information may be obtained at the Clovis Community College website at www.clovis.edu/jobs. You must submit a separate application each time you apply for a position with all required supporting documentation in order to be considered for employment.


All applicants must submit the following application materials in support of their application of employment:

  • An updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume.
  • A cover letter
  • Copy of Unofficial transcripts


As an EEO employer, Clovis Community College will not discriminate in our employment practices based on an applicant’s race, ethnicity, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, serious medical condition or status as a protected veteran or spousal affiliation.

Individuals with disabilities who require special accommodations should contact the ADA Coordinator at 769-4033. Clovis Community College hires only U.S. citizens and individuals lawfully authorized to work in the U.S.