Job Summary:

Under the supervision of the Vice President of Academic Affairs / Chief Academic Officer (CAO) or designee, the Chairperson for the Division of Health Sciences is responsible for providing the experience, vision, leadership, creativity and innovation necessary to manage and revitalize existing programs, spearhead new program initiatives, lead and inspire faculty, enhance existing student recruitment and retention initiatives, and to develop effective partnerships with internal and external community constituencies within the area of Health Sciences.

Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Provide direct leadership for the development, management and evaluation of new and existing degree programs in the area of health science.

2. Work collaboratively with faculty and staff in developing new curriculum and scheduling of division offerings.

3. Manage, hire, orientate, and evaluate personnel within the division.

4. Revitalize existing, and create new, educational training and other appropriate partnerships with the community as well as other area academic institutions.

5. Lead and inspire faculty to plan for effective and innovative teaching that will generate enhanced student learning, persistence, performance, and course completion.

6. Engage faculty and staff in institutional strategic planning and program assessment.

7. Work collaboratively to develop division budget, including general operating and minor capital budgets and expenditures, based upon outcome assessment and strategic planning priorities.

8. Communicate effectively with the Deans, other administrators, faculty and staff to ensure continuity and appropriateness of instruction, adequate course scheduling, adequacy of library and other resource materials, and appropriateness of division’s strategic planning initiatives within the context of the college’s mission and goals.

9. Prepare periodic and annual reports of the activities of the division for the college and accrediting agencies.

10. Maintain strict confidentiality and security of staff, administrative, and student information.

11. May be required to teach a maximum of a three-credit course each semester.

12. Prepare routine, special and ancillary reports as required.

13. Perform other related duties as required.

Minimum Experience:

1. Master’s Degree.

2. Relevant experience in curriculum development and assessment in a college setting, including preparation of a progam evaluation required for a discipline specific, nationally recognized accreditation.

3. Teaching experience at the college level.

4. Managerial or demonstrated leadership experience in a college setting.

5. Experience in managing complex projects under deadlines.

6. Excellent interpersonal skills.

7. Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing.

8. Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment.

Preferred Experience:

1. Master’s degree in Health Sciences or a related area.

2. Three or more years teaching experience.

3. Senior level administrative experience.

4. Licensure or certification in a Health Sciences discipline.

5. Working knowledge of the personal computer in a Microsoft Office environment.

6. Demonstrated knowledge of computerized record maintenance and management, preferably the Banner System.