DEPARTMENT: Diagnostic Sonography

JOB OBJECTIVES: The Diagnostic Sonography Instructor will teach didactic, laboratory and clinical courses in a manner that enables student learning and mastery of course material in the Diagnostic Sonography program. The assistant clinical coordinator must be responsible for assisting with coordinating clinical education with didactic education as assigned by the program director. Assists with evaluating and ensuring the effectiveness of the clinical affiliate/clinical education centers. Responsibilities include coordination, instruction, and evaluation.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED FROM: Diagnostic Sonography Program Director

SUPERVISION GIVEN TO WHOM: Students in assigned lectures and labs

STATUS: Exempt

HOURS: Minimum of 35 hours per week



  • Must possess a minimum of an Associate’s degree; Bachelor’s preferred
  • Must possess ARDMS credentials.
    • RDMS in Abdomen, OB/GYN
    • RVT
  • A minimum of two (2) years clinical work experience
  • Experience/Expertise in instruction, course/curriculum development, design, outcome assessment/evaluation, and academic advisement highly preferred.
  • Evidence of continual professional development and the ability to do continuous scholarly or creative activity

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Ability to conduct normal classroom / and hands on lab courses including operation on sonography equipment. Ability to stand or sit for up to eight (8) hours per day and lift fifty (50) pounds. This may include lifting, pulling, bending and squatting. Gross and fine motor skills required to assist students with providing safe and effective diagnostic sonograms.JOB REQUIREMENTS/SKILLS: Must have strong organizational, verbal and written communication skills; grammatical/proof reading abilities; professional dress, demeanor; attitude; willingness to work with other faculty and be supportive of the University. Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite.


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Prepare and maintain course outlines and objectives, instruct and evaluate students and report progress in a timely manner.
  • Submit final grades in a timely manner as instructed by the Program Director.
  • Maintain interest, involvement with, and stay current with the scientific research in their respective instructional disciplines.
  • Teach core factual information and differentiate opinion from fact so the student can make the appropriate distinction.
  • Administer student/faculty evaluation forms to classes as directed by the Program Director.
  • Assist in Identifying and establishing new sites for clinical education that provides the best match with the program’s mission and philosophy; and opportunities for the application of concepts presented in the classroom
  • Assist with coordinating student clinical rotation placement, complete clinical affiliate site visits and evaluations
  • Collaborate with the Program Director in periodic review, program planning/development, evaluation/revision of course materials in order to improve the quality of instruction and delivery methods.
  • Keep and maintain the confidentiality of course grades.
  • Keep respective course files current and complete.
  • Determine and arrange course needs (equipment, supplies, appropriate textbooks, etc.)
  • Review, evaluate, and recommend student textbooks and learning materials.
  • Participate in student advisement, committee work, recruitment and marketing activities when appropriate.
  • Communicate on a frequent basis with the other members of the team responsible for course delivery.
  • Attend all scheduled or called faculty meetings, committee meetings, graduations or other events as assigned and as appropriate for the University.
  • Respond in a timely manner to requests for information or reports as may be required by the Program Director and/or the Associate Provost.
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding faculty, staff and institutional events.
  • Participate in college service and professional development.

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