The primary purpose of this position is to provide program leadership and ensure quality instruction within a subject area. In some cases the Program Chair may support multiple program areas. The program chair will effectively implement appropriate teaching strategies that assist students achieve their academic potential while providing excellent customer service to all internal and external customers.

Key Job Responsibilities:

Campus Growth and Development and Retention

  • Participate in campus census growth and development activities and initiatives.
  • Know program metrics and initiate proactive measures to improve. Facilitate a campus-wide team approach to retain students through graduation. Faculty
  • Support Academic Dean in recruiting and hiring quality faculty with appropriate credentials, experience, and licensure.
  • Train faculty, assess teaching performance, and coach as needed.
  • Assist faculty in resolving student issues.
  • Act as liaison between faculty and administration.
  • Supervise faculty as directed by the Academic Dean.


  • Participate in the University curriculum development and revision activities.
  • Solicit and post feedback related to KU curriculum.
  • Review University assessment data for the program, including course level assessment, general education literacies, student and faculty evaluations, employer and graduate surveys; make recommendations for curriculum and other improvements based on data review.

Professional Development

  • Participate regularly in professional development activities such as inservice, continuing education, conference and community presentations, research and publication, internal training and collegial opportunities.
  • Maintain professional licenses and certifications as applicable.
  • Post professional development activities to internal sites.
  • Support University and campus-based scholarship activities for faculty.


  • Maintain current knowledge of accreditation standards, as applicable. Take ownership for all campus activities related to maintaining good standing with accreditation agencies, and take a leadership role in educating the campus community.
  • Follow internal processes and protocol for any communications to or from accrediting agencies.


  • Complete and submit timely any required documents, reports, issues, budget-related items, training required by the campus administration or the University.
  • Assess program resources and request resources to address gaps.
  • Educate campus staff about program and career opportunities.

University Governance

  • Participate in University Governance through committee representation.


  • Initiate community service activities for students, faculty, and staff. Establish a community network and advisory boards to provide feedback on the program, including graduates, and promote the University and the program in the community.
  • Teaching duties as assigned

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor Degree: relevant to the field of instruction or minimum number of graduate hours relevant to field of instruction.
  • Two years’ related experience; three to five years preferred: relevant to the field of instruction; Teaching and supervising faculty or staff preferred.
  • Proficient user of MS Office applications.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Able to plan and organize work for self and others, maintain professional demeanor in a fast-paced environment, interact professionally and maintain effective working relationships with stakeholders, maintain confidentiality and manage change.

In addition to the above minimum requirements the Program Chair role, see below for program-specific additions:

Dental Program Specific:

  • Bachelor of Science Degree may be considered as an acceptable minimum credential with the appropriate health care education and experience.
  • Board Certified Dental Assistant or Dentist licensed to practice in the program state.